Advanced arduino projects for B.E | B.Tech

Advanced arduino projects for B.E | B.Tech

advanced arduino projects FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS

PROJECT:  Mobile signal strength analyzer in different areas to identify poor signal strength areas using GSM and GPS

This project is extremely useful for all mobile operators to prepare a report on the power signal in different regions and to provide better services to its members by strengthening the Poor site. In doing so, we will save the latitude and longitude of using a GPS modem, and we will maintain the level of coverage. That used a GSM modem. These values ​​are stored in Excel, which are created on the card using the Arduino controller. We can design advanced arduino projects for B.Tech and students.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space satellite navigation system that provides the location and time in all weather, on or near the Earth, where there is clearly a clear GPS-to-satellite view of four or more satellites. It is supported by the US government and accessible to anyone with the free GPS receiver.GPS module provides the latitude of the current position and the correct time of GMT, and we can learn the speed of this vehicle with a GPS module.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is an open, mobile technology used for mobile digital transmissions and voice data. It supports GSM voice calls and data transfer rates up to 9.6 kbps transmitter with SMS (short service messages) .gsm works in 900 MHz and 1.8 GHz band. The connection between GSM modem and microcontroller is made via UART, send commands at AT commands. We can control all kinds of voice and messaging features and it is a GSM modem that provides about the strength of the SIM signal is integrated into the modem by sending the AT&T command.

In this project, the microcontroller will take latitude and longitude coordinates the GPS Module from there, and will measure the signal level through a GSM modem and update these values ​​in an Excel file on the memory card.

The benefits of this memory card can store a lot of data in Giga bytes, and reading and writing time is too fast, and we can create files in the appropriate format. The relationship between memory card and our controller set using SPI communication. And the benefits of using the Controller There are two serial interface built-in SPIs and can speed up data transfers with a 32-bit controller.

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