MATLAB is an acronym for MATrices LABoratories. It is a multi-paradigm fourth generation high-level programming language that is developed and maintained by it was initially developed for matrices and plotting of functions and data. Then afterward it was expanded to all the engineering domains.

MATLAB has its toolboxes for almost all the engineering specializations. The toolboxes have the functions for demonstrating the prototype of that particular system model simulation.
Generally, B.TECH and B.E engineering graduates will do the simulation IEEE MATLAB PROJECTS  image processing and signal processing projects.
Image processing is an important toolbox for the students and the developers to do the manipulations and operations on the images that are in the root path or the other images. We can use this toolbox in many algorithms in image processing and for image denoising, image enhancement, image mosaicing, image fusion, image recognition etc.

The application is built with the use of this scripting language. General usage of application involves using the Command Window as an interactive mathematical shell or executing text files containing code. The image processing based IEEE projects developing by research scholars.


Communication-based projects and signal processing projects using MATLAB is done by using the communications toolbox. Different communications include OFDM with MIMO technology, LTE, Cognitive radio and Device to Device communication. The IEEE Projects related to these topics will be implemented by the B.Tech, B.E and M.Tech students. MATLAB PROJECTS LIST