Electrical Engineering projects for final year students

Electrical Engineering projects for final year students

latest electrical engineering projects for final year students


In the world of this competition, one cannot spend their time to carry out their daily activities manually without fail. So even the loss of energy to some extent. This project provides the best solution for power losses. Additionally, the manual work was completely eliminated. The electrical appliances can be switched on/off using RF without actually going near the switch boards or regulators. This design makes it an application that uses a wireless concept. One of the wireless communication systems RF receiver (radio frequency), as it is very inexpensive and very easy to implement. PROCORP Technologies develop the hardware kits for the embedded systems for electrical engineering projects for final year students.

The loads like lights, motors, heaters, power controlling system and also current through the loads can be controlled in this project. We can control all loads at a time from one place (control room) without connecting any physical wire between loads and control room.

RF Received Modules Used by STT -433 MHz transmitters, STR-433 MHz receive HT640 Encoded RF Receiver and HT648 RF Receiver. Transfers are provided on this transponder side to control the loads that is connected on the receiving side. This switch is associated with the RF transmitted through the RF receiver. The encoder reads the status of the switch, transmits data to send RF receivers. At the end of receiving the RF receiver, this data transmits RF receiver to the decoder. This decoder converts the data bit selected in 8-bit data and sends it to the microcontroller. Now, it is the job of the controller to read the data and perform the corresponding action i.e., switch on/off corresponding load or vary the speed according to the user requirement. The TRIAC was used to operate the AC electrical appliances. It gets the signal from the MOC3021 opto coupler.

Block diagram

Transmitter Section

Receiver Section

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