Top 10 Embedded projects 2018 for ECE | EEE

Top 10 Embedded projects 2018 for ECE | EEE

latest embedded projects 2018 for final year students


The project aims to develop Smart Home systems, have the ability to control the level of power consumption, comfort and security in residential buildings passing them on high-tech platforms, where data be analyzed and summarized because to provide a range of feedback from users and communities. The goal is to reduce the final use of domestic consumption on the path of increasing energy awareness and get security services. The security services recommended here, along with the advanced program. For best Engineers, we i.e, PROCORP Technologies provide best ECE embedded projects 2018 for final year engineering students.

The design of a smart home system is based on the identified needs, this technology solution can provide, i.e., the use of standard communication and open protocols because to communicate between server and controller. The wireless devices that are easy to install. The proposed system has two different levels: the level of building and the level of aggregator. Every level is associated with a special component that provides functions and facilities. The end user can act together with the energy box that collects data from the network of sensors installed in the home: it allows you to control some of the devices and connect the intersection between homes and collected. Finally, the user can communicate with the power box with his or her own computer or smartphone through the interface, interacting with each other to monitor and control the home system. As for storage was monitored in the experiment, it was decided to control the main burden of the washing machine, washer, dryer and water heater.

All selected sensors are available in the market, they have wireless sensors, as they are not required during any cable installation. The purpose of this sensor is to permit the deactivation of the heating or cooling system in the house when the window is sensed. In addition to this inability to close this door or window can be used to control the protection or more generally a security strategy. Finally, it is initiate at home, with three different function combinations: the detection of the sensors of the temperature sensors and the light sensor.

Block Diagram

embedded- projects-2018-1- Block Diagram

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