Top 50+Embedded Systems Projects | 2020

Top 50+Embedded Systems Projects | 2020

Students who are interested on doing Embedded system projects they should have a good knowledge on controllers and C-programming. If you want to learn never worry you are in safe hands. Join with us, we are here to help you. We guide, line by line Embedded systems projects code and make you learn easily.

Introduction of Embedded System Technology

Embedded System

In general terms, something that is attached to another thing is called embedded. A computer hardware system with software in it is an Embedded system.

A specific task is accomplished with the help of a microcontroller or microprocessor. The three components present in an embedded system are hardware, software and a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

How Embedded system works

An Embedded system works on a particular specialized operation in a repeated manner. For example, a pager functioning as a pager always. It has a memory as its software usually embeds in ROM.

Any changes in the environment of an Embedded system is continuously monitored by it and the computed result is given in real-time without delay.

Why is an Embedded system important?

Embedded system has brought a revolution in science. Its use is virtually limitless as new products are being introduced into the world’s market every day. These products utilize Embedded systems in several ways.

Embedded systems applications are Digital watches, washing machine, scanner, printer, lift, TV, Automobiles, mobile phone, ATM, microwave oven and many more have made the lives of people effortless.

Advantages of an Embedded system

1. It can be modified with increasing facilities.

2. Consumes less power.

3. The cost of performing a task is decreased.

4. Enhancement in the performance of a device is achieved.

Disadvantages of an Embedded system

1. The effort for the development of it is very high.

2. It takes a lot of time to market the device and attract the customers towards the product.

3. The settings have to be reset if there is any malfunction in the device.

4.The Transmission of data from one system to another is burdensome.

Biometric Voting Machine using Arduino

Election is a fundamental right of every citizen of a democratic country. Using the right to vote, people choose their most appropriate leader who will lead them. In modern days, where technology is used in all areas of life.

Previously in India ballot paper-based voting system is used. Sometimes voting will become unfair. At present situations India use EVM Technology for voting. Even this system also had from security problems.

“We have developed a system which will be suitable for elections in democratic countries like India. We used Arduino and Fingerprint Scanner, which can identify voters and prevent fake voters”.

The proposed system is a technology based secured system. In developing countries like India, EVM-based elections are sometimes risky. Under this system, there are some risks that choose candidates wrongly.

Considering this, a new voting system is provided on the basis of the biometric voting machine (BVM). The additional feature of this system is biometric security which will realize by the fingerprints of the voters. In the voting system, this system must be easy for authentication and verification, it must have a high accuracy and reliability. In addition, this system must be effective and unique.

In project, Arduino controller is connected with different peripherals like finger print module, LCD, switches and buzzers.

When a candidate place his finger on fingerprint module it will enroll and show unique ID. During time of voting, when same candidate go by voting, BVM will check whether person is authorized or not. If person is not enrolled before automatically BVM provides buzzer sound. If authorized then person can go by vote. Embedded systems projects using arduino controller make complex projects as easier.

Block Diagram

Implementation of Smart Building Using LoRa and IoT

Today, technology allows people to access and manage everything from anywhere. Thus interconnected devices using networks like LoRa and Wi-Fi, are commonly described as Internet of Things (IoT).

In this modern world, technology has brought new dimensions to home automation. The smart building is included with electronic devices and networks. They are used in controlling the environment related to the parameters that occupy the building.

The sensors and actuators used in intelligent buildings like apartments and offices. These sensors help the owners to save energy, increase security, give information to users using the Internet.

“In typical apartments this projects is used to monitor all the parameters by using IoT technics”.

The purpose of this project is to care take residents in the building looking at their safety and security. This network is well suited for Internet of Things (IoT), which requires low energy consumption. The advantage of LoRa is a wireless device, it can cover long range distance.

We monitor on temperature, smoke, building lighting, electricity usage, water level, leak detection in pipelines and many more. These sensors are connected to Arduino controller.

We are using LoRa wireless communication. By using this communication data is transferred to monitor section. In monitoring system Wi-Fi module is arranged. So that data can to retrieved in the server automatically.

Now-a-days LoRa wireless communication is used widely in embedded systems projects. When compared to zigbee communication LoRa is best for its distance to communication.

Block Diagram



Fingerprint Based License Checking For Vehicles Using NodeMCU

The licensing system is very complicated for the government to manage. In this project, fingerprint of all the citizens will be reviewed and recorded. Whenever a citizen crosses the traffic rules, the police can scan his image and can collect fine from the user.

“By using this method, the police can track the history of the driver. Biometric based driving license concept is very easy and convenient to monitor”.

Biometrics usually include fingerprint study, iris, voice and signature. Many other approaches exist at different stages of development and evaluation. Among them biometric fingerprint is one of the best features that gives good value for errors and reliability.

When coming to our application the images of the citizens will be stored in the module with a unique id. People should scan their image near police, which is then examined and updated in the records.

This scanner is interfaced with NodeMCU. This controller will monitor the analysis process. After the scan is finished, the results are stored in the server.

Project is not only based on avoiding traffic rules but also for drunk and drive candidates. People who drive after they drunk will be caught by police.

Then police can file candidate by this project and give him a fine. So that candidate details will be registered on particular issue (drunk and drive). These details will be updated in server and retrieve when they are in need (IOT Technology).

If candidate won’t follow rules and regulations of traffic, as per registered complaints on him action will be taken. Such as his driving license will be canceled. Bio-metric projects are best choice to do embedded systems projects for ECE  students.

Block Diagram

Innovative Digital Energy Meter With Power Theft Control

The primary purpose of the project is to display the consumed power units in the home using energy meter. It also detect the power theft. The system is equipped with an electric meter. Electric meter calculates power consumption in home and two current transformers to detect overload and power theft.

Science and technology has been fascinated by the incredible scope of human life. From the technical point of view, “The theft of energy” is not-ignorable and punishable crime and at the same time. It directly affects the economy of the nation.

The project was designed to detect such power theft in the normal distribution lines. Despite some obvious problems in the implementation of such systems in the future.

“This project uses the principle of differential protection schemes to identify the theft of power”.

Two Current transformers (CT) are connected to the two terminals of loads. If there is no fault in the load then the secondary currents of both the CTs will be same. Using the same principle of CT that is attached to the start of the distribution end. The rest of the CT connects to several other legitimate loads.

If there is no power theft then the total sum of CTs, which are connected to the load. They will be equal to the current in the main Current Transformer. If there is a difference in current then automatically theft is caught.

The system display the consumed units on the LCD, so users can be aware of their power usage. So it can take unnecessary usage and this system also indicates the user whenever he is using overload.embedded systems projects for ECE  students.

Block Diagram

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