Final Year EEE Projects with abstract

Final Year EEE Projects with abstract

LATEST final year eee projects with abstract


In industries, there will be various loads to be operated and these loads are to be operated at some specific intervals according to our requirements and also based on the device’s constraints. For these purposes, one must be used to monitor status. But it can be an opportunity that one person can forget to handle these loads. And also it is not an easy task for a person to operate these loads manually as these loads run with high currents and high power consumption. This project gives the best solution to operate the loads without actually going near the loads and switching on or off using wireless concept. This process totally eliminates the manual work. We give the final year eee projects with abstract and explain with neat block diagram.

Exclusive Power Management Industrial Projects, which allow users to control electrical loads in the industry, simply sends pre-defined messages to the control system. This modem provides a communication interface. It carries a transparent protocol on the network device via a serial interface. Modem wireless modem works with wireless networks. The main difference between the two is that the mobile modem sends and receives data through fixed lines while a wireless modem transmits and receives data over a radio wave.

The GSM modem is interfaced to the microcontroller through the Serial Port Interface. If a user wants to monitor an industrial device, it must send a message to the GSM  modem with the pair to the controller sections. All devices that are managed are connected to a controller, for example, to the microcontroller section. This microcontroller in turn sends the message to the mobile number of all loads status. The user must send a text message on the modem and the predefined message on the receiving GSM modem, and the controller will act in accordance with messages received such as power input / removal of the industry.

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