Final year project for electronics and communication

Final year project for electronics and communication

best final year project for electronics and communication

PROJECT: Embedded Secured Elevator system with Voice confirmation

Security is the main concern in our daily life. Everyone wants to be as safe as possible. An access control system is important in the security link chain. The operating system based microcontroller, shown here, is an access control system that allows only people who have granted access to the elevator. The system provides voicemail on the number of floors and the door and shutter status, and the alarm. We provide the final year project for electronics and communication students and make them select their interested topic and explain that topic with clear block diagram and neat schematic hardware connections and teach the controller architecture.

The system includes a small electronic unit with a numeric keypad that is fixed outside the elevator to control the operating solenoid locking the way of a DC motor. If people have given access to a predetermined user ID and password using a keyboard, which is a DC motor running for a limited time, to unlock the solenoid to the elevator door can be turned on. After a predetermined delay, the DC motor operates in the reverse direction and the door is locked. To play the sound, we do not need separate voice playback modules, so we can play the ARM7 LPC2148 microcontroller with directly keeping pre-recorded voice messages to memory micro controller as a binary file.

16X2 LCD screen is used to display status messages and queries. In this project we are using the ARM 7 based LPC2148 microcontroller which has an in-built DAC that can convert the digital data into analog sound. To write the code we are using Embedded C language and to compile the code to convert it to machine level code and we are using the KIEL compiler version 4. The compiled hex file was dumped into the controller by using the FLASHMAGIC software.

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