Final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering

Final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering

Final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering students

PROJECT: Monitoring of arrival and departure timings of government buses

In present bus transportation system we need one person in each bus station  to enter the data of buses arrivals timings and the driver or conductor has to get down the bus to enter the timings for confirmation but this is a time consuming process and needs lot of man power to implement in many bus stops and sometimes some buses will not stop in particular stops even though they have to stop because of this passengers have to face problem especially in the night time. To make this process fast, automatic and to reduce manpower and also to avoid missing stops we are implementing this project. We will design hardware and software codes for Final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering students.

This can be easily achieved with the help of this technology. There are several technologies today to make our lives more comfortable, easy and safe. It is a full system of auto-result participation where we save all the time of arrival of a bus with time and date in Excel, files that are created on SD cards using the LPC2148 Microcontroller.

RFID is an abbreviation for radio frequency identification and detection. The system can be used in large companies, industries, colleges, schools, etc., where attendance must be records that are maintained. This system helps us in recording the attendance of a person easily within fraction of seconds. Basically, the two main components involved in this system are radio frequency identification (RFID-reader) and RFID-reader. The connection between the RFID and the reader has occurred on the wireless network.

In this project, the only RFID card attached to the corresponding bus. Every time the bus stop the bus has reached a special, this card to transfer your number to the reader RFID and these data will be transferred to the directly  for the microcontroller as the bus time the data bus. The benefit of this memory card can store a lot of data in Giga byte storage and read and write faster, and that we can create files in the appropriate format. The communication between SD card and our controller setup by using SPI communication. And the benefits of using the LPC2148 microController There are two serial interface built-in SPIs and can speed up data transfers with a 32-bit controller.

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