Latest IEEE based mini projects for ECE | CSE

Latest IEEE based mini projects for ECE | CSE

IEEE based mini projects For ECE | CSE students

Project: Design of Weather monitoring system and automation system

The automation system is basically built to make it easier for the current user in your family, within this automation period. The climate control system is used to monitor various climatic parameters. The project is a combination of two concepts to use the environment around the user to make it fun and comfortable even though the weather is different. The system can operate blind or disabled through Voice Recognition Technology. The security system also includes opening the door by entering the password. This system is an efficient and flexible cost with several types of control devices. The main goal is to develop a weather station and a home automation system. PROCORP Technologies provides best IEEE based mini projects for ECE and CSE students.

The weather station is mainly used to get the measurement of environmental conditions and reflects the necessary parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pollution, etc. Accepting data from the weather station Household appliances are managed to make a comfortable environment. In addition, some other sensors, such as gas detectors and others, are used for household automation to get rid of hazardous situations such as leakage, gas, and so on. This system can be managed through the Android software and Bluetooth module. The microphone can be used to make voice input when the user wants to control the automation system, giving voice commands.

The basic idea of ​​this system is to provide efficient home automation. Data from a sensor is interpreted and operated by a Arduino, which then controls other devices. The function of the model, which is a stick to activate the activity, which detects the Temperature and Humidity in a room or environment, knows the light intensity of the room, detecting the presence of gases such as the surrounding gas. Additionally, the safety of the speech recognition feature has been built into the model. It provides many opportunities for people with disabilities to use these systems. Check more IEEE based mini projects list.


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