Top 50+ IEEE Projects for ECE | 2019

Top 50+ IEEE Projects for ECE | 2019


Generally Engineers will publish their research papers in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) journals. There are many journals around world. IEEE journals have their prominent position in journals for engineers.By considering IEEE projects research is done to extend new algorithms and lay the path for new technological trend.

In this post we enabled latest IEEE projects for ECE engineering students.

3 level Bank Security system

People are always looking for a safe place to keep up with their value and money. Most people find the bank the safest place to have its value. Valuable treasures stored in a bank vault are often attracted to the interests of thieves.

For this reason, the bank’s security is a very important factor in ensuring that its customers are safe. A biometric verification, a padlock and a security guards have traditionally been used by banks around the world.

This request is, for the automatic purpose of banking security and automatically robbed. If it attempts to violate security. We will use both doors in our project, replacing the traditional method of using single door to the vault. The first door will have a record based on RFID.

When the first door is opened automatically program makes to trigger. Then person enters the first door, he will find the second door, the second door will have fingerprint module.

“If the fingerprint matched, OTP was created and sent to the user. If it does not fit in the first place, it provides a way to verify. Even if fingerprints do not match, notification is automatically enabled”.

If someone is unauthorized and if he violates the security of the door for the first time. He will be caught at biometrics. So if he tries to enter the password for the second door, the first door will shut down automatically. Person will be struck at second door. Therefore, the proposed system will help for better protection of bank’s vaults.

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Smart Energy meter system Using Arduino

Electricity plays an important role in daily life. In Electricity usage India stands third place after China and the United States. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an evolutionary, IoT-based device that has created a revolution in the electronics and technology.

The most important task of the project is to create awareness of energy consumption and efficient use of energy conservation. Due to manual work the system of our current electric bills has serious drawbacks. The system provides information, power outage and alarm alerting to gain excess energy usage of limit.

This concept is carried out to reduce the dependence of one person. By collect monthly reading and reduce the technical problems associated with the billing process. The project extends the development and implementation of energy monitoring from the Power Agenda with NodeMCU microcontrollers and a GSM Module.

“The advantage of this project is to understand consumer that power consumed by the electrical utilization on the regular basis. Then consumer can take further steps to control and make benefits in energy conservation”.

From the payment of electricity bill on the size of the settlement account. Capacity of the customer is with predetermined details then the user is notified via message.

If customers do not pay bills in accordance with the test. A message notification will automatically send a connection of the power is disconnected from a remote server. we are ready to provide IEEE projects 2019 for final year students.

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Biometric Security System Using NodeMCU

The main purpose of this device is to enhance embedded device that are used for security applications. In this project, we can collect fingerprints of clients and cell numbers, as opening the locker money owed. Then client most effectively acquire right of entry to locker gadget.

By inserting the finger at the module while it get correct entry. It automatically produces each time definite four-digit code as a message to the cell. The authorized user through GSM modem attached to the microcontroller.

“This 4-digit OTP result was typed on the keypad. So that door will be opened”.

In this project we are using the NodeMCU unit as a primary control. MCU node via serial interface. Also, the biometric module is attached to this controller.

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Home Automation and Security system Using Wi-Fi Protocol 

In today’s Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It is used in applications such as Smart City, Smart Transportation and Smart Grid. The purpose of this project to contribute to the IoT’s development in this smart home.

In this project we use NodeMCU controller with Wi-Fi inbuilt protocol.

To implement this concept, we go by IoT server. We are using two sensors i.e., gas and fire sensors. If these sensor notices any change around it, values will be uploaded in to the server.

We use the Keypad to enter the password, so if the correct password gets the door open automatically. This info is sent to the server as per time to time logins.

“With IoT ideas, we can monitor whether it is turned on or off in home appliances like fans, lights, etc. This is called the IoT home automation”.

Smart parking systems gather information about existing parking spaces in a specific geographic area. This process is used in real-time to simplify vehicle parking at available locations. we come out with finest IEEE projects for ECE 2019 projects.

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Smart Car Parking System Using IoT

One of the major problem in smart cities are car parking services and traffic management systems. The Internet Connection, allows connections between what’s around the environment. Then we can get access to these things from a remote location very easily.

Effective use of IoT technology can make life easier for people in some aspects. The current job is a combination of hardware and IoT technology.

The purpose of this work is to organize the analysis and implementation of the “Sensor-based Integrated IoT System Parking System”. It allows users to use pre-installed ports from the remote location via Server software. The authentication of the residence is included in the benefit of actual users. Car parking application is developed using NodeMCU, IR sensors, GSM module.

“In this project we can monitor, whether parking slot is available by opening server, then we can book the slot. After booking the slot we get SMS to mobile”.

Using this method will solve traffic problems and parking problems. This is useful for people using four Wheeler vehicles.

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We short listed few best IEEE projects for ECE students. To complete your projects, we assure you in giving good knowledge theatrically and technically.Check our latest projects here…   

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