Major projects for EEE Final year students

Major projects for EEE Final year students

new major projects for eee final year students


This project aims at saving the electrical power up to maximum extent using sensors. In this competitive world, human cannot spare his time to perform his daily activities manually without any fail. The most important thing he forgets is to switch off the room lights wherever not required. With this, even the power will be wasted up to some extent. Additionally, the transaction lead was deleted completely. This project includes different time and excluded, working light. Users can write the program directly in time, in accordance with their requirements, and these times are created. PROCORP Technologies provide the best and effective major projects for eee B.Tech and M.Tech students.

Available systems already exist on the market for the purpose of saving energy in the case of street lamps. But these systems can be equipped with LDR for use in street lamps. If the project is implemented with the use of LDR, street lights will be switched on, even at midnight (when traffic is almost zero on the road), and therefore the energy spent on the maintenance of the light on, though not required. Given these technical issues, this project is designed to overcome the limits of the old system and save energy up to some extent.

This project uses LDR to read the intensity of sunlight. Sensors read intensity values, convert to electric power signals and display it to the ADC. ADC converts analog to digital values ​​and transmits these data bits to the microcontroller. The microcontroller makes a decision according to the result of a sensor. So the light operation microcontroller, consider both RTC and LDR output. Some basic microcontroller does not have the internal ADC, so we should use the external ADC. But today the controllers are equipped with internal ADC, so we don’t require the external ADC.

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