Major projects for Electrical Engineering

Major projects for Electrical Engineering

best major projects for electrical engineering students

PROJECT:  Substation monitoring and controlling system with voice alerts

This project aims to keep track of the loads status of the Substation. It controls the temperature of the substation. When the elevator exceeds the rated power rating Substation, automatically turns the Substation microcontroller off. The project will provide a voice message about this error so we can take the necessary action immediately. Sai Procorp Technologies will deal the major projects for electrical engineering students.

If there is increased temperature, Substation, the cooling device for the automated Substation system. If there is a rated voltage on the increment of the secondary load value, the system Substation stopped immediately, the power would be disconnected from the Substation from the main.

Temperature measurement through LM35 temperature sensor and voltage sensors throughout the voltage mesh circuit. In this project we use a high-level ARM7 Philips controller, LPC2148. NXP (Philips based) LPC2148 ARM7TDMI-S based on high performance RISC 32 bit microcontroller with extension – 512KB flash thumb and in-system programming (ISP) and in IAP programming, 32kB RAM, two Vectored interrupt controllers, 10-bit 10-bit ADCs, full USB 2.0 port, full UOPP full modem interface . Two I2C serial interface, two SPI interface duplex two 32 bit timer, a timer group, a PWM unit, a real watch with an optional battery backup, found with brown with general purpose input / output circuit. Clock Frequency to 60 Mega Hertz Crystal oscillator and the PLL Chip.

To play the sound, we do not need separate sound modules, so we can play the ARM7 LPC2148 microcontroller with directly keeping pre-recorded voice messages to memory micro controller as a binary file. Triac is used for control of AC storage and AC uses for MOC3021 to handle the triac. The embedded C language was used to write the code in the KIEL compiler and the hex file was dumped into the controller via the flash magic software.

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