Mini Project for Electronics and Telecommunication

Mini Project for Electronics and Telecommunication

mini Project for Electronics and Telecommunication

PROJECT: Advanced embedded system based a paperless feedback system for colleges

There are many situations, and when we have to accept feedback, especially in college, we have to accept college comments, and we have to accept feedback to be held by the faculty. This feedback can help us to evaluate their work and provide better performance later. But in many of these procedures, it is a paper use, and we cannot keep these files for a long time. It is the responsibility of each individual to adhere to the “go green” and support the friendly system, as we know, every day, how our environment is polluted. One of the eco friendly to avoid using paper as much as possible. In this digital world, it can be easily achieved with the help of this technology. We will develop major and mini Project for Electronics and Telecommunication students for B.Tech and M.Tech students.

There are several technologies today to make our lives more comfortable, easy and luxurious. In this project we will replace the current feedback based on our e-mail paper based on the user feedback system. It is a standalone stand-alone system of attendance where we retain all feedback provided to students or participants who will be created on the SD card using the LPC2148 Micro controller.

Users must enter comments and suggestions using the keyboard and micro controller will get data and display on their LCD-20 x 4 screens, which will be stored in MS Word, Excel format, or SD card format.

The benefits of this memory card can store a lot of data in Giga bytes, and reading and writing time is too fast, and we can create files in the appropriate format. The communication between SD card and our controller set using SPI communication. And the benefits of using the LPC2148 Mini Controller There are two serial interface built-in SPIs and can speed up data transfers with a 32-bit controller.

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