Mini Projects for Electrical and Electronics | EEE

Mini Projects for Electrical and Electronics | EEE

latest mini projects for electrical students


Because of this global competition and busy schedule people can save more time to carry out their daily activities by hand. The project is to manage its own electrical equipment from the computer using the AT89S52 microcontroller. This project is useful in all applications that require the automation of the appliance. Using the built-in technology to provide an effective and reliable, closed, feedback management system. The microcontroller (AT89S52) provides dynamic and fast control. The AT89S52 microcontroller is the heart of the circuit, it manages all functions. PROCORP Technologies provide the abstracts for the mini projects for electrical engineering students and explain the hardware and the code very clearly.

The main purpose of this project is to control many electrical devices with computers using a Hyper terminal. A man sitting in front of a computer can always check the loads that are operating on the premises and can disable them whenever not required, just sitting in front of their computers. Monitoring TRIAC load performance. The main advantage of using triac to change the status of TRIAC loads reduces the flow of energy to load and TRIAC works well for replacing currents.

In order to control the device through computers, data transfer must be maintained between computers and 8051 systems. Serial data transmission uses a data link that makes it not only cheap, but also allows two PCs located in two different cities to communicate. There are special chips ICs, made by various manufacturers for transmitting serial data. These chips are usually called USART (Universal Sync-Inversion) and UART (Universal Sender Receiver). The 8051 built-in UART, which is available in a serial port that allows the reader and write to the serial port, is very easy. The rate of data in serial communication is indicated in bps (bits per second) or data rate. In order to allow data transfer between computers and 8051 without any errors, the data transmission speed in 8051 should correspond to the speed of the COM port. Therefore, operating modes and serial data rates must be configured. After a read or write operation can be performed properly.

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