Embedded Systems Mini Projects for B.Tech EEE

mini projects eee

Mini projects eee in Hyderabad

For mini projects eee, we provide eee related to the electrical projects and with basics of the controllers with architectures. The trainers will teach you coding line by line. Project classes with the restricted number of students and by experienced teaching professionals.


1 Distribution Transformer Monitoring Using GSM Technology
2 Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM technology
3 Bluetooth remote home automation system using android application.
4 Substation monitoring and controlling using GSM
5 Low cost wireless sensor network in field operation monitoring of ac motor
6 Applied research of the intelligent temperature-controlled speed adjustable motor in radiator fan
7 Electronic energy meter with instant billing
8 Remote power on/off control and current measurement for home electric outlets based on a low-power embedded board and ZIGBEE
9 Energy saving project for heating system with ZigBee wireless control network
10 Implementation of ZIGBEE-GSM based home security monitoring and remote control system
11 Automation of residential electricity cut off using network based embedded controller
12 Design of intelligent streetlight monitoring system based on micro controller
13 GSM-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system
14 Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System
15 Method of Measuring Power Quality and Development of Monitor Device
16 A novel technique of ac power control using micro controller based inverter
17 Design Of Controlled Dc Voltage Regulator Using Semi Converter With Motor Drive
18 Design of controlled DC voltage regulator using full wave converter with motor speed control
19 Design of dual converter using micro controller with lighting load
20 Design And Implementation Of Multi Phase(Two- Phase) Chopper Using Micro Controller
21 visual aid system based on image matching and ultrasound sensor principles for blind persons
22 Design of two quadrant/buck-boost converter using micro controller)
23 Design And Development Of Fly Back Converter With Lighting Load Using Micro Controller
24 Design Of Simple Buck Converter With Variable Output Voltage Using PWM IC 3525
25 Implementation Of Enhanced Buck Converter Using Micro Controller With Variable Output Voltage
26 speed control of dc motor using four quadrant chopper
27 Design of controlled DC voltage regulator using half controlled converter
28 Design of 5 level cascaded multi level inverter with 1 auxiliary switch
29 Design Of Single Phase PWM H-Bridge Inverter Using 3525 IC For Variable Output Voltage
30 A New Switching Topology In Designing Combined Cascaded Multi Level Inverter(7 Level) With Reduced THD
31 Design Of Full Bridge Inverter With Sine Wave PWM Technique Using Micro Controller For Motor Application
32 Design of 5 level symmetrical cascaded multi level inverter
33 Single Phase H-Bridge Inverter With Pulse Width Modulation To Reduce Harmonic Content In The Output Voltage
34 Design Of 7 Level Asymmetrical Cascaded Multi Level Inverter With Reduced Total Harmonic Distortion
35 Design Of Single Phase Parallel Inverter Employing PWM Technology Using Microcontroller
36 Single phase PWM half -bridge inverter using micro controller with lighting load
37 Design of step down cyclo converter using dual converter SCR bridge with lighting load
38 A Simplified V/F Control Technique For Speed Control Of Induction Motor
39 Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Four Quadrant Chopper
40 A Novel Solution In Achieving Variable Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using micro controller
41 Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using Voltage Control Method
42 Employing Frequency Control Technique For Obtaining Variable Speeds In Driving Single-Phase Induction Motor
43 Variable Speed Control Of Universal Motor Using Micro Controller
44 Smart Remote for controlling electrical appliance through android mobile.
45 Virtual nurse- controlling wheel chair through android mobile
46 Smart Home/office automation through android mobile
47 AC motor speed controller through Android mobile
48 Advanced street light controlling system through smart phone.
49 Industry/home/office automation through smart phone.
50 Industrial parameters monitoring system through Smartphone


We train the students, who joined for projects, we will give you the training to face real time environment. We offer regular assistance in the project coding and technical aspects till the final submission of the project.

We provide embedded systems projects with basics in the embedded domain and the architecture of controllers. We give you a thorough understanding of the Embedded C language written for Hardware and let you make the hardware circuits on general boards on your own. Theory classes with the limited number of students and by experienced teaching professionals.


We provide VLSI projects with the fundamentals of the Hardware Description Languages like VHDL/VERILOG. We offer you detailed understanding of the HDL language modules, tasks, and functions written for project algorithm and make you build up your own code for model examples


We provide MATLAB projects with basics of the MATLAB programming and the project related toolbox functions. We offer you a detailed understanding of the MATLAB language scripts and sub-functions written for project algorithm and make you develop your own code for sample examples.