Embedded Systems Mini Projects for B.Tech ECE 2019

btech embedded systems projects

Best ece btech embedded systems projects

We provide btech embedded systems projects with basics in the embedded domain and the architecture of controllers. We give you thorough understanding of the Embedded C language written for Hardware and let you make the hardware circuits on general boards on your own. Theory classes with limited number of students and by experienced teaching professionals.

IOT01 Industry parameters monitoring and controlling system based on embedded web server.
IOT02 Smart and Tiny IOT based data acquisition system based on advanced Cortex M3 based controller
IOT03 Street lights monitor (failure lights alert) and controller over internet for smart cities
IOT04 IOT based irrigation system with soil wet data threshold settings for different seasons
IOT05 IOT Based Home Automation-Smart way to controlling your home from anywhere
IOT06 Automatic energy meters monitoring in buildings and apartments using IOT
IOT07 Implementation of Vehicle tracking and monitoring system using IOT
IOT08 IOT based Green house monitoring and controlling system
IOT09 Automatic and instantaneous power station power quality monitoring system using IOT
IOT10 Temperature measuring and reporting system with graph using IOT
IOT11 IOT based Remote machines status monitoring and controlling in industries
IOT12 IOT based online Weather Report streaming with graphs
IOT13 Virtual care taker-online patient monitoring system.


Project code Title of the Project
RT01 Single or Multi electronic notice boards with operating distance up to 1000meters using RS485 protocol
RT02 Real time vehicle tracking with vehicle location indication on Google earth
RT03 Efficient power saver for street lights using LDR, RTC, LEDs light with solar power
RT04 Station names with distance indicator in railways
RT05 Wireless controller for operating power point presentations with laser light indication
RT06 Voice guider and medicine reminder for patients and old age persons
RT07 Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM.
RT08 Industrial data logger using RS485.
RT09 Voice / touch screen /MEMS controlled Wheel chair for patients and physically challenged persons with capacity upto100Kgs
RT10 Intelligent shopping trolley using RFID
RT11 Elegant home with power saving, security, safety, remote controlling and auto control of water tank motor
RT12 Intelligent train engine to avoid accidents and controlling railway gate automatically
RT13 Vehicle theft control and accident location intimation through SMS
RT14 Intelligent traffic signaling priority system for ambulances and VIP vehicles
RT15 Automatic marks sending system to students through SMS
RT16 Automation of tollgate and blocking of unauthorized vehicles
RT17 Electronic health card
RT18 Automatic Bus arrival and departure announcement system with time record system
RT19 Child safety management system using RF Technology.
RT20 Smart Energy meters reading system in apartments with power quality, power theft and over load alert system for smart cities
RT21 Smart monitoring system for smart cities to monitoring and controlling of advertise hoarding lights with light failure indication system
RT22 A new innovative and effective system for trains and railway stations for auto announcements of trains ,power saving and auto railway gate control
RT23 Smart dustbins for smart cities, GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins with SMS alerts.
RT24 Advanced products price and info display with easy data changing system
RT25 Cell Phone Tower Base Station Safety System using GSM technology
RT26 Advanced security systems for jeweler shops and banks
RT27 Water Level monitoring at railway bridges and auto warning system for trains to avoid accidents
RT28 RFID based mineral automatic water distribution system in villages
RT29 Digital techy home, auto water tank control and low gas alert indicator


Project code Title of the Project
MAS01 Smart Remote for controlling electrical appliance through android mobile.
MAS02 Virtual nurse- controlling wheel chair through android mobile
MAS03 Advanced android mobile controlling robot
MAS04 Smart and cost effective wireless electronic notice board message updating system from android mobile
MAS05 Android mobile controlled voice guider for patients/old aged people/dumb people
MAS06 Smart Home/office automation through android mobile.
MAS07 Advertisement boards or status boards message updating system from android mobile for offices and restaurants.
MAS08 Smart regulator for controlling fan speed through Android mobile
MAS09 AC motor speed controller through Android mobile
MBL1 PC based robot control through Bluetooth
MBL2 Remote controlled home automation using Bluetooth
MBL3 Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition system
MBL4 Industrial devices controlling system using Bluetooth


We train the students, who joined for projects, we will give you the training to face real time environment. We offer regular assistance in the project coding and technical aspects till the final submission of the project.

We provide MATLAB projects with basics of the MATLAB programming and the project related toolbox functions. We offer you a detailed understanding of the MATLAB language scripts and sub-functions written for project algorithm and make you develop your own code for sample examples.


We provide VLSI projects with the fundamentals of the Hardware Description Languages like VHDL/VERILOG. We offer you detailed understanding of the HDL language modules, tasks, and functions written for project algorithm and make you build up your own code for model examples


IoT is the more popular and upcoming technology innovation. We are integrating the IoT technology with the Embedded Hardware domain. We have developed the coding for embedded controllers and processors that can receive the commands over the internet and operate the loads at the hardware. Like the same way, we can accumulate the bulk of data from the sensors and upload them to the IoT servers.