M.Tech Embedded Systems Projects in Hyderabad

mtech embedded systems projects

We provide mtech embedded systems projects.In the domain of Embedded Systems, we offer year-long assistance to the M.tech students for getting their M.Tech Project to complete and submit it well to the concerned university. We give a clear picture of IEEE base paper and the relevant technology and algorithm used in it. At the stage of abstract submission itself, we tell you the extension what we will do for the existing system and give you review-wise progress in the implementation of the project. We will offer hardware kits on rental basis also.

IEEE 2017 M.Tech Embedded System Project Titles


1 IoT applications on Secure Smart Shopping System 2017
2 RFID-based Production Data Analysis in an IoT-enabled Smart Job-shop 2107
3 IoT-Driven Automated Object Detection Algorithm for Urban Surveillance Systems in Smart Cities 2017
4 Improving Smart Home Security; Integrating Logical Sensing into Smart Home 2017
5 Self-Powered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring 2017
6 Data Monitoring and Hardware Control for App Android by Bluetooth Communication for Laboratory Teaching in Electrical Engineering Courses 2017
7 A Two-level Traffic Light Control Strategy for Preventing Incident-Based Urban Traffic Congestion 2017
8 Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities: A Survey 2017
9 A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer based on ZigBee-based Communication 2017
10 A New Early Warning Method of Train Tracking Interval Based on CTC 2017
11 VOT-EL: Three Tier Secured State-Of-The-Art EVM Design Using Pragmatic Fingerprint Detection Annexed With NFC Enabled Voter -ID Card 2017
12 The Development of a Remotely Controlled Home Automation System for Energy Saving 2017
13 Secure IoT Platform for Industrial Control Systems 2017
14 Internet of Vehicles (10 V) for Traffic Management 2017
15 Communication Technologies for Complex Industrial Systems 2017
16 Anti-theft Protection of Vehicle by GSM & GPS with Fingerprint Verification 2017
17 An IoT Platform integrated into an energy efficient DC lighting grid 2017
18 An Advanced Security System Integrated With RFID Based Automated Toll Collection System 2017
19 Advance Automatic Toll Collection & Vehicle Detection During Collision using RFID 2017
20 A Smart Meter Design and Implementation Using ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid 2017
21 Agricultural crop monitoring using IOT – a study 2017
22 Worldwide auto-mobi: Arduino IoT home automation system for IR devices 2017
23 A real time street lighting control system 2017
24 Anti-theft protection of vehicle by GSM & GPS with fingerprint verification 2017
25 Realisation of a Smart Plug device based on Wi-Fi technology for use in home automation systems 2017
1 A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer based on ZigBee-based Communication 2016
2 ZigBee network system for observing operating activities of work vehicles 2016
3 A Mobile ZigBee Module in a Traffic Control System 2016
4 Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System 2016
5 Design and implementation of a home automation system for smart grid applications 2016
6 WiFACT — Wireless Fingerprinting Automated Continuous Training 2016
7 AgriSys: A smart and ubiquitous controlled-environment agriculture system 2016
8 A Real-Time Embedded System for Monitoring of Cargo Vehicles, Using Controller Area Network (CAN) 2016
9 An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy 2016
10 Home Outlet and LED Array Lamp Controlled by a Smartphone with Hand Gesture Recognition 2016
11 Enhanced Fingerprinting And Trajectory Prediction For IOT Localization In Smart Buildings 2016
12 Smart Configuration Of Smart Environments 2016
13 Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence For Future Energy Systems A Survey 2016
14 Point-N-Press:An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System For Home Appliances 2016
15 Self-Configuration And Smart Binding Control On Iot Applications 2016
16 A Smart Switch To Connect And Disconnect Electrical Devices At Home By Using Internet 2016




We train the students, who joined for projects, we will give you the training to face real time environment. We offer regular assistance in the project coding and technical aspects till the final submission of the project.

We present the MATLAB simulation code module by module with neat explanation. We will make clear every module with individual module execution. We will explain you methodically from the foundation level to final result getting. We offer basics classes with limited number of students.


In the domain of M.Tech VLSI, we offer year long assistance to the students. We offer clear explanation of IEEE base paper and the relevant technology and algorithm used in it and tell you the technical possibilities for extension that will add to the present algorithm. We will give you review-wise progress in the implementation of the coding of the project.


As a part of scholarly educational programs like M.Tech, Students has to prepare the paper for publication. After paper preparation need to publish in an International Journals. PROCORP giving you assurance to complete the publication within time slot according to students requirement. PROCORP following the standards of Journal Publications with good Impact Factor.