New projects in Electrical Engineering | EEE

New projects in Electrical Engineering | EEE

new projects in electrical engineering for B.Tech students

PROJECT: Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM

Agriculture in India is a way of living for almost two-thirds of the country’s labor force. It has always been the most important part of the Indian economy. The increase in agricultural production after independence is due to the additional areas under cultivation, expansion of irrigation systems, optimal use of seeds, best practices, water management and crop protection. The life of this farmer is beyond the scope of cultivation and fruit-bearing crops. Farmers must be ready to clear water fields between periods to get good results. PROCORP Technologies every year update the list of new projects in electrical engineering by including the upcoming technologies.

This project provides a simple and effective method for watering this field when farmers want, without having to enter the field or on the unit of the pump. This system is a fully automated product. This set has a microcontroller, the GSM modem serves as an integral part, as it is responsible for managing the irrigation of the field and sending them through the message. The microcontroller is a high-level and is at the heart of the system. The GSM modem processes the task of dialing or receiving calls to / from a predefined number and indicating that the power is available to the motor. The user can now click on a preset number to receive the call OR message as a water supply in this field. This number will be received in the modem and the phone problem data is sent for processing for further processing.

The 3-ф detector circuit is used in this project to check whether the 3-ф power is available for the motor or not. In case, if it not available, the 3-ф detector circuit identifies this and immediately switches OFF the motor and sends a predefined message to the user mobile number as an signal. Likewise the microcontroller continuously, monitoring the temperature of the motor, soil moisture, and water level of the well. On the basis of this, the micro controller controls the motor and it will send a user’s message. The microcontroller, after receiving user input via the GSM modem, this switch on / off the motor  in accordance with the needs of the user.

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