PIC microcontroller based projects for final year

PIC microcontroller based projects for final year

PIC microcontroller based projects for final year ECE students

PROJECT: Standalone data logger in memory card with time stamp for industrial applications

This project involves the design and development of hardware and software for industrial data acquisition systems. Data loggers (such as data logging or recording data) are electronic devices that record data for a long time, or depending on the location of the internal or external sensors, or by external devices and sensors. One of the main advantages of using these camcorders is the ability to automatically collect data over 24-hour and continuous format. We will develop 8052, ARM7, and PIC microcontroller based projects for final year B.Tech and M.Tech students.

With logging data, the system needs a computer to store data in the form of a data logger, and they have taken a long time to keep the data as they use low-speed micro controllers. These systems are more expensive, more energy consumed and time consuming. These issues can easily be avoided using the latest technologies in the field.

Many advanced technologies exist today, especially in the electronics industry, to make our lifestyle a comfort and safety in creating a more intelligent system with more sophisticated functions. The project was designed with a high-end PIC controller and a high-end memory card memory capability for data storage.

Data are recorded in the continuation of project temperatures and voltages. These analog values ​​are taken and converted to the respective digital values ​​by the ADC of the microcontroller. These converted digital values ​​are sent to memory cards, and these values ​​are stored in timestamps in Excel format, for extra convenience.

The benefits of this memory card can store a lot of data in Giga bytes, and reading and writing time is too fast, and we can create files in the appropriate format.The coding was written in embedded C language and the compiled hex file was dumped into the controller by using the flash magic software.

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