Top 25+ Raspberry Pi 3 Projects for students

Top 25+ Raspberry Pi 3 Projects for students


If you are a person passionate about Raspberry Pi projects and desire to learn more about them, you are on the right page.Our PROCORP Technologies is best Institute in providing various projects with respect to student domains. To make their skills sharpen by us. We are for you to train projects in simplified format and make understand easily.

We provide you with a way to complete the project with all the guidelines and mental support. You no longer have to worry about the technical and documentation issues of the project. Get help from us in all the aspects and complete your dream Raspberry Pi project successfully.

What is a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small-sized computer of a very low cost. It can be plugged to a computer monitor or TV. It also uses a standard keyboard and mouse. For the people learning to program in Scratch and Python, Raspberry Pi has been one of the favourite options.

Any basic operation that a normal computer can perform can be done by Raspberry Pi. These include browsing the internet, playing games, word-processing and playing HD videos.

Why Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi operates in the open-source platform. People buy Raspberry Pi to learn to code. Someone who knows to code already uses the Pi to learn the coding process for physical prototype projects.

The Pi can interact with the outside world in a wider range of digital maker projects. Kids can be taught about Pi in earlier stages to make them understand how computers work.

The Raspberry Pi is been widely used by the ECE students for building their major as well as mini-projects. The domains in which the Pi can be used include Machine learning, Automation, OpenCV image processing applications and much more.

The Pi has proven its usefulness in Agriculture by using infield cameras to capture crop growth. The GPS based Pi allows farmers to work in low visibility field conditions like rain, dust, fog and darkness.

The Engineering students who already have good knowledge about processor and python may find the raspberry Pi projects even easier. If you are looking for more knowledge than that taught in the colleges, come visit us. Feel free to contact us for friendly support and motivation in completing your projects.

In this post we enabled latest Raspberry Pi projects for engineering students.

Latest Raspberry Pi Projects List

S.NO List
1 Implementation of greenhouse service control protocol using Python on Raspberry PI
2 Smart Traffic light control in the junction using Raspberry PI
3 Polynomial Vault: A secure and robust fingerprint based authentication
4 IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System
5 A Supervised Intrusion Detection System for Smart Home IoT Devices
6 A Secure IoT Enabled Smart Home System
7 Smart Sensor: SoC architecture for the Industrial Internet of Things
8 Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System
9 Power-aware IoT based Smart Health Monitoring using Wireless Body Area Network
10 Person Recognition for Access Logging
10 Smart Energy Efficient Home Automation System Using IoT
11 An Embedded Fuzzy Logic Microcontroller For Plant Condition Monitoring: A Wireless Sensor Network Odyssey
12 Smart Waste Collection Monitoring and Alert System via IoT
13 An Improved Version of Student Attendance Management System Based on RFID
14 The Design and Implementation of GPS Controlled Environment Monitoring Robotic System based on IoT and ARM
15 Cultivation of plants under Artificial Environmental Parameters to Increase Productivity Rate
16 Road Sign Recognition System for Autonomous Vehicle using Raspberry Pi
17 Implementation of an Arduino Remote Laboratory with Raspberry Pi
18 Automatic Detection of Driver Impairment Based on Pupillary Light Reflex
19 Design and Implementation of a Wearable Sensor Network System for IoT-Connected Safety and Health Applications
20 Novel Smart Energy Theft System (SETS) for IoT based Smart Home
21 Real Time DC Water Tank Level Control using Arduino Mega 2560
22 Autonomous Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Home/Office Automation
23 Design and Implementation of Women Auspice System by Utilizing GPS and GSM
25 Low-cost, Inkjet-printed UHF RFID Tag based System for Internet of Things Applications using Characteristic Modes
26 Design and Development of a Vehicle Safety Detection and Alarm System
27 A Smart Home Automation and Metering System using Internet of Things (IoT)
28 A Smart Home Appliance Control System for Physically Disabled People


New Abstracts

Vehicle Door Locking System Using Raspberry Pi

In biometric-based vehicle security locking systems, biometric authentication plays an important role in ensuring a high level of security. Now a day’s security is very important in order to keep our data confidentially from unknown people.

“The main purpose of this project is to protect the vehicle from someone using a unique ID, fingerprint authentication”.

Inside the door lock system, a fingerprint scanners are placed. They are used to lock and unlock the door instead of the normal door lock. Which provides a high level of protection for car owners.

Another display of this system is designed with the help of the GSM module. Which is used  to send messages to the owner of the mobile phone. The whole system is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3 Processor.

There is a chance to make unlock vehicle by another person. To prevent fraud, the government created a fingerprint system. In this hectic world of security gadgets covering basic care to protect our bank accounts, cars. Most of IDs and passwords are secure but have a trick to hack them.

In the car, there are different types of locking system designed with a regular and remote locking system. There is a problem in the remote locking system, i.e., anyone can open the door by using remote. Only way to protect our vehicle is to use unique identifiers that provide high protection. This is the highest protection using fingerprints authentication.

Block Diagram

raspberry Pi projects 1

Load Management System For Smart Grids Using IoT

The IoT has been widely deployed in the smart grid systems. IoT servers are responsible for data acquisition and maintaining bulk amount of data with monitoring status. Achieving data security and system efficiency in data acquisition with transmission process. This is a great challenging task because data related to the power grid is sensitive and in bulk amount.

“The main aim of this project is to measure the electrical parameters like voltage and current. These values are send to the web server”.

The voltage and current transformers are used for this purpose to measure the voltage and the current. But, these are the analog parameters.

So when we connect this ADC pins with voltage and current sensor coils. The electrical parameters are displayed on the LCD screen. These parameters are sent to IoT server by using the Wi-Fi.

We should provide the internet connection to the in-built Wi-Fi module. The coding will be written in the Python scripting language. we are ready to provide Raspberry Pi projects 2020 for Engineering students

Block Diagram

Raspberry Pi projects 2

Avoiding Vehicle Collision System Using Raspberry Pi

Avoiding vehicle collision and detection systems is the most important factor in the automotive industry. Currently, most of vehicles have many features to protect passengers in it. In this project, a high level navigation system detects objects and alert to travel safely along the path.

This project helps to detect the obstacle and make alarm for safety concern. The camera is used for the purpose of detecting the objects. The ultrasonic sensor are used to calculate the distance in real time.

“The main purpose is to identification the obstacles in front of our vehicle. When the obstacle is detected alarm is ON.  So this system help to avoid accidents”.

In this project, the distance between the vehicles are measured by the ultrasonic sensor. The detection of objects carried by the camera.

Car manufacturers enough to encourage the growth of technology built in it. The smart car used today to ensure safety. Automobiles can avoid human errors. Detection system was designed to avoid accidents.

The latest technologies such as ultrasonic sensor and Raspberry Pi are used in the system to detect obstacle. In order to avoid collisions of a vehicle, sensors measure real distance from the obstacles.

Block Diagram

Raspberry pi projects 3

IoT based Environment monitoring system Using Pi

The safety of workers in  industries, is one of the most important aspects that should be considered by the Industry.  In an industry, working conditions are bad . Here employees have to be very cautious about their work, it is common for incidents to happen.

As a solution to this, we have proposed a control system that will be installed in the Industry. This system is able to track the parameters of the work environment in these industries. We are fully aware of the security situation and the possibility of any accidents. For the development of this project, we use the Raspberry Pi processor.

Pi is connected with temperature, humidity, an ultrasonic and a smoke sensor. These sensors frequently monitor the environment in the industries and upload the data onto the IoT Server. There are plenty of diseases caused to workers who are working in factories with harmful environments.

All this data for further evaluation and processing to reach smart decisions. This data is stored in IoT server. It is easy to understand the pattern using the Dashboard Controller interface is implemented using the MQTT protocol. This is one of the best concept to the students who are willing to do Raspberry Pi projects for ECE based on IoT concept.

Block Diagram

Raspberry Pi projects 4

We are ready to make your Raspberry Pi projects done in assured time, by providing you 24×7 service. Feel free to contact Us.

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