Academic Projects

PROCORP TECH provide skillful and professional training and project supervision to students from various engineering colleges in India. We afford project assistance to B.Tech and M.Tech students. We have a selection of Engineering Projects in many domains.

Embedded System (8051, Arduino, ARM7, Raspberry-Pi, ARM CORTEX)

MATLAB (DIP, Wireless Communication)

VLSI (Verilog)

Online Support

PROCORP Tech launched an online training program for engineering students. At the stage of project selection, we give guidance to choose the project. Due to this they get clarified about the project and understand the concept clearly.


1. Projects in new domains and new technologies.

2. Provide IEEE Papers and abstracts

3. Project duration will be very short and effective.

4. Genuine source code and necessary tools will be provided.

5. Full documentation with complete project flow.

6. Paper Publication for M.Tech and M.E students

7. Plagiarism Documentation support

M.S (ABROAD) Assignments

Embedded System (8051, Arduino, ARM7, Raspbeerry-Pi, ARM CORTEX)

MATLAB (DIP, Wireless Communication)

VLSI (Verilog)