Simple electronics projects for engineering students

Simple electronics projects for engineering students

simple electronics projects for engineering students

PROJECT: RFID based Real-time Attendance system with data storage in SD/MMC card for offices and colleges.

It is every human responsibility to follow echo friendly systems as we know how our environment getting polluted. One of the echo friendly systems is avoiding paper usage as much as possible. This can be achieved easily with help of advancement in technologies. We develop simple electronics projects for engineering students on all types of controller architectures.

There are several technologies in the same day to make our lives more comfortable, easy and luxurious. In this project, we will replace paper-based systems that engage RFID today. It is the sole stand-alone system of attendance, where we save all attendees with students with time and date in Excel, which will be created on SD card using LPC2148 Micro controller.

RFID is an abbreviation for radio waves. RFID is a family member of the Data Collection Technology (Manufacturer), automatically identifying and, as a quick and reliable means of identifying just about any material object. This project can be implemented in real world programs, such as time bound records. The system can be used in large companies, industries, colleges, schools, etc., where attendance must be records that are maintained. This system can help us to record the presence of a man this is easy for a second break. Basically, the two main components involved in this system are radio frequency identification (RFID-reader) and RFID-reader.

In this project, each user will be provided with a single RFID card with a unique number for the representation of a User ID. Every time you use the display of your card to the system, then this card transfers the amount you read in the RFID and the data will be transferred to the microcontroller for the appropriate audio player.

The benefits of this memory card can store a lot of data in Giga bytes, and reading and writing time is too fast, and we can create files in the appropriate format. The relationship between SD card and our controller set using SPI communication. And the benefits of using the LPC2148 microcontroller There are two serial interface built-in SPIs and can speed up data transfers with a 32-bit controller.

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